Soapstone Hanukkah lamp, Jerusalem Circa 1900

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Large Hanukkah lamp. Jerusalem Circa 1900 Soapstone, chiseled. A large and massive Hanukkah lamp, consists of three rows: in the first row - a single depression with space for a wick; four depression in the second; in the third row are eight depressions with spaces for wicks. Stone lamps were common in Jewish congregations in various countries (Yemen, Morocco and Jerusalem), but they were usually small and consisted of two rows of oil wells. In the collections of the London Jewish Museum appears a Hanukkah Lamp similar to this, with three rows of oil wells, 

literature: Catalogue of the Permanent and Loan Collections of the Jewish Museum, London, edited by R. D. Barnett, London, 1974, item 217, plate LXXIX

Dimensions: Length: 24 cm, width: 29 cm, height: 8.5 cm
Material: Soapstone
Origin: Jerusalem
Period: 1900